8th January - IAA Lecture - "The Origin of the Elements: Stars, Supernovae and the Big Bang", by Dr Stuart Sim, QUB.

Dr Stuart Sim

Supernovae are just about the biggest explosions in the universe, and certainly the biggest that we are ever likely to see. Not only that, but they create all the elements above iron in the periodic table, many of which, such as nickel, zinc, selenium, and iodine, are essential for human life. They are also the key element in the 'distance ladder' used in large scale astrophysics and cosmology, as they are used to measure the distance to distant galaxies and galaxy clusters.

7th January - 2014 Moon/Jupiter watch at QUB

QUB Moonwatch

The IAA and the Astrophysics Research Centre at QUB are proud to announce a “Moon & Jupiter Watch” on Tuesday 7 January 2014 in association with BBC Stargazing Live 2014. Come along after dark to the front of the iconic Lanyon building at Queen's, and use one of the telescopes there to view our nearest neighbour, the moon, before we turn our attention to catch the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, as it rises later in the evening.

In the event of cloudy skies, a lecture on Aurorae will take place in the Larmor Theatre.

IAA lecture, 11th December. Leo Enright: "Making History: a guide to the next four days, as China lands on the Moon".

China has announced major plans for a lunar base and further exploration of the Moon. Right now, their advanced Lunar Rover is on its way there, due to land on Saturday.
The Irish Astronomical Association is delighted to announced that renowned space expert, writer and broadcaster, Leo Enright, will give a special public lecture in Queen's University on Wednesday 11 December.
Leo is well known as an expert on all matters relating to space, with extensive contacts will all the big national space agencies, and is equally well-known for his inimitable lecturing style.

"Moon, Stars and Jupiter" at Silent Valley, Kilkeel on Sunday 8th December

The Irish Astronomical Association, in conjunction with Mourne Heritage Trust, presents a free public astronomy evening, at the Ranger's Office, Silent Valley, Kilkeel, on Sunday 8 December, at 6:30pm.

This is a superb site with very little light pollution, and amazing views of the night sky.

Moongazing, Planetgazing, and Stargazing on Saturday 7th December at LNDC!

The IAA will present another public astronomy evening at Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Oxford Island, near Lurgan, on the evening of Saturday 7 December.

'Supper with the Stars':  Join the Irish Astronomical Association for a spectacular evening of night-skygazing and culinary delights at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre. The event starts with an optional supper first at the Loughside cafe, at 6.30 p.m.