IAA Lecture Weds 3rd October - Prof Luke Drury (DIAS) - "Multimessenger Astronomy Comes of Age"

Prof Luke Drury

Throughout most of its long history astronomy has been based on the study of light from the stars and other celestial objects. In the language of physics this is photonic astronomy, the photon being the quantum mechanical particle of light. Yet at least two other astronomies are possible according to standard physics. The graviton, the particle asssociated with gravity, and the neutrino, associated with the weak force, share the property of being electrically neutral and stable and can thus propagate undeflected over cosmic distances.

IAA Solar Day at WWT, Castle Espie, near Comber; 18th August, 2pm. – 5pm

IAA Stardome

The IAA will be back again at one of our favourite venues for our summer Solar Day on Saturday 18 August. We'll have solar observing if clear, using a variety of special safe solar observing equipment, an exhibition of telescopes, meteorites and other astronomical items, and of course the very popular shows in our own stardome.