"Heavens Above" - the IAA's Astrophotography Exhibition 9th Nov - 27th Dec, Clotworthy Arts Centre, Antrim

Aurora from Ballygally, Co Antrim
Update: This exhibition is now extended until Tues 27th December so plenty more time to see it!
On the morning of Wednesday 9th November, “Heavens Above”, an exhibition of astonishing photographs of the sky taken exclusively by members of the Association, will open to the public. 

Lecture - Weds 30th Nov - Dr Wes Fraser (QUB) - "Recent space exploration: small guys take the spotlight"

Dr Wes Fraser
In the last few years, we have witnessed a second renaissance in robotic space exploration. Unlike the era of Voyager and Magellan however, the missions that have truly caught the public’s eye have visited the Solar System’s small objects. New Horizons to Pluto, Rosetta to comet 67P, Dawn to Ceres and Vesta, we now have a deep understanding of these small bodies implicating facts about their formation that we are still yet to fully appreciate.