IAA Presidents


This history covers two distinct periods  of the IAA's development. In 1946 it was formed as the Belfast Centre of the Irish Astronomical Society. Apart from Dublin there were other centres in Armagh, Cork, Derry, Galway, Clonmel and Dundalk though some of these didn't last long. The IAS was formed in October 1937 in Dublin, but established the regional centres in the years afterwards. For the first five years the senior officeholder was designated "President". This changed to "Chairman" in 1951.

In 1974 the only two remaining regional centres, Dublin and Belfast, went their separate ways with Dublin keeping the Irish Astronomical Society name and Belfast becoming the Irish Astronomical Association. The senior officeholder designation returned to "President" at this time.
The Magnificent Seven
Pictured above:- Philip Baxter (2009-2012), Terry Moseley, BEM (1980-1983, 1994-1997, 2000-2003 and 2014- 2015), Paul Evans (2012-2014, 2015 - 2018), Dr Andy McCrea, MBE (1997-2000, 2003-2006), Tony Drennan (1977-1978), Brian Beesley (1978-1980, 2018- present), Pat O'Neill (2006-2009). Photo: Danny Collins 19th Feb 2014
The Roll of Presidents and Chairmen to date is as follows:-

AGM No. (IAS No.) Year President



Sir David Lindsay Keir



Sir David Lindsay Keir



Sir David Lindsay Keir



Sir David Lindsay Keir

4th 1950 Vacant
5th 1951 A P Fitzgerald
6th 1952 A P Fitzgerald
7th 1953 Brig. Papworth
8th 1954 Brig. Papworth
9th 1955 A S Merrick
10th 1956 A S Merrick
11th 1957 R Hayward
12th 1958 C McMahon
13th 1959 A Scott
14th 1960 A Scott
15th 1961 A Scott
16th 1962 W G McCusker
17th 1963 W G McCusker
18th 1964 I Grainger
19th 1965 I Grainger
20th 1966 I Grainger
21st 1967 Andrew Trimble
22nd 1968 Andrew Trimble
23rd 1969 Andrew Trimble
24th 1970 Ronnie Ormonde
25th 1971 Ronnie Ormonde
26th 1972 Ronnie Ormonde
27th 1973 David E Beesley
28th 1974 David E Beesley


The Belfast centre reconstituted on 17th May 1974 as the Irish Astronomical Association

    Ronnie Ormonde
I (29th 1975 Ronnie Ormonde
II (30th) 1976 Ronnie Ormonde
III (31st) 1977 Tony Drennan
IV (32nd) 1978 Brian J Beesley
V (33rd) 1979 Brian J Beesley
VI (34th) 1980 Terry Moseley
VII (35th) 1981 Terry Moseley
8th 1982 Terry Moseley
9th 1983 Dr H R Ormonde
10th 1984 Dr H R Ormonde
11th 1985 Dr H R Ormonde
12th 1986 J Flynn
13th 1987 J Flynn
14th 1988 J Flynn
15th 1989 David E Beesley
16th 1990 David E Beesley
17th 1991 Bruce Hardie
18th 1992 Bruce Hardie
19th 1993 Bruce Hardie
20th 1994 Terry Moseley
21st 1995 Terry Moseley
22nd 1996 Terry Moseley
23rd 1997 Dr Andy McCrea
24th 1998 Dr Andy McCrea
25th 1999 Dr Andy McCrea
26th 2000 Terry Moseley
27th 2001 Terry Moseley
28th 2002 Terry Moseley
29th 2003 Dr Andy McCrea
30th 2004 Dr Andy McCrea
31st 2005 Dr Andy McCrea
32nd 2006 Pat O'Neill
33rd 2007 Pat O'Neill
34th 2008 Pat O'Neill
35th 2009 Philip Baxter
36th 2010 Philip Baxter
37th 2011 Philip Baxter
38th 2012 Paul Evans
39th 2013 Paul Evans
40th 2014 Terry Moseley
41st 2015 Paul Evans
42nd 2016 Paul Evans
43rd 2017 Paul Evans
44th 2018 Brian Beesley
45th 2019 Brian Beesley