“Moon, Stars and Jupiter” at Silent Valley, Kilkeel on Sunday 8th December

The Irish Astronomical Association, in conjunction with Mourne Heritage Trust, presents a free public astronomy evening, at the Ranger's Office, Silent Valley, Kilkeel, on Sunday 8 December, at 6:30pm.

This is a superb site with very little light pollution, and amazing views of the night sky.

Once again we'll have a selection of powerful telescopes and binoculars for viewing the night sky, an illustrated lecture on the wonders of the night sky and the mysteries of the universe, an exhibition, short astronomy and space films, and a selection of meteorites (rocks from space) which you can actually hold. 

The highlight will be a spectacular Moon high in the sky, providing jaw-dropping views in the telescopes. In addition we will get a great view of giant Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System, with its four large Moons. And there should also be two spectacularly bright Iridium Flares. All those of course are weather dependant.

These are always very popular events, so book early with the Mourne Heritage Trust: Contact – Emma Cunningham | Project Officer | Mourne Heritage Trust, Mourne Heritage Trust, Newcastle Centre, Donard Room, 10-14 Central Promenade, NEWCASTLE, BT33 0AA, 028 4372 4059 Fax: 028 4372 6493, Direct Email:  Web:,

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