Lecture 3rd December: Prof Tom Ray, of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Title: “The Einstein Lens and a Tale of Two Eclipses.”

This lecture will present some exclusive new findings about the trips that were made to various parts of the world to observe the Total Solar Eclipse in 1919: the first attempt to check the predictions of General Relativity. see
There are two important local connections –
1. The telescope lens, which was made in Ireland; and 2. The astronomer who led the expedition to Brazil was Andrew Crommelin, born in Cushendun, Co Antrim, and son of the family who gave their name to NewtownCrommelin in Co Antrim! See  Andrew Crommelin was a noted cometary astronomer, and one of only 4 people who have a comet named after them although they did not discover it:
You will have a chance to see the telescope lens that proved Einstein’s theory of Relativity was correct! And it was made in this Island!
This lecture will as usual be in the Bell Lecture theatre, Physics building, main QUB Campus.
The lecture is free and open to all, including free refreshments. Venue: the Bell Lecture Theatre, Physics Building, Queen's University, Belfast, at 7.30 p.m.
Thanks to the Astrophysics Research Centre, QUB, for help in hosting these lectures.

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