Prof Sanjeev Gupta

Weds 22nd Feb 6:30pm – “Exploring the Red Planet – Adventures of the Curiosity Rover” by Professor Sanjeev Gupta, Imperial College, London.

"Since the first flyby in 1965 Mars has been extensively explored by orbiters, landers and rovers and today we know a great deal about the planet's surface, atmosphere and geological history.  This lecture will focus on the results from the most recent NASA Mars Science Laboratory mission – the 'Curiosity' Rover Mission.  It will also look forward to the upcoming European mission."    
Professor Gupta is a Field Geologist and expert on Mars Geology.  He is A Science Team Member and long term science planner on NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover mission which is currently exploring Gale Crater.  He has published extensively both on Martian and terrestrial geology.
This Lecture is jointly hosted by the IAA, Belfast Geologists Society, and The Geological Society Northern Ireland Regional Group, as part of N.I. Science Festival . Larmor Lecture Theatre, Physics building, QUB, 6.30 p.m.
Booking is Free but essential

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