July 2009


From Our Own Correspondents

  • IAA Member Martin Campbell has recently returned from a holiday in the Pyrenees where he caught this superb shot of  Messier objects 8 and 20. Martin tells us it's just a taster of things to come!

Image Credit: Martin Campbell


  • IAA Webmaster Paul Evans is recently back from China where he caught this fluked shot just 8 mins after Totality…

Image Credit: Paul Evans


Of the millions of  people situated along the centreline of this eclipse, the weather saw to it that not very many actually saw the totality. One exception was our correspondent Daniel Lynch from Dublin who was aboard the Costa Classica cruise ship just off the Japanese island of Iwo Jima right at the area of maximum eclipse. In fact, totality on board the ship lasted an incredible 6mins and 41 seconds, the ship adding two seconds to the duration by cruising along the eclipse path!

Image Credit:  Daniel Lynch

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