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General Astronomy and Space

  • The Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the central location for finding out about NASA’s many great scientific missions, like the remote control robots they’re playing with on Mars!

  • Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

    Mainly a great site for astronomy equipment reviews but also has many other articles about observing and general astronomy.

  • SpaceWeather

    A NASA site dealing with Solar astronomy and how it affects Earth. Notable for its display of realtime data and photography sent in by visitors to the site.

  • Heavens Above

    Excellent site for finding the ISS, Satellites, Iridium Flares, Asteroids, Comets and much more! This link sets the location as Belfast by default but the site has a user friendly location database for changing this.

  • The Flame Trench

    Excellent Space blog from Florida Today – lots of inside info from The Kennedy Space Center

  • Aurora Watch UK

    The Best source of UK Aurora information

  • The

    Excellent educational resource by Irish Astronomer Dr. Donnacha O’Driscoll

Telescopes etc

Run by Past President of the IAA Dr Andy McCrea, North Down Telescopes provides excellent friendly advice, competitive prices and delivery to anywhere in Ireland!

Everything you need to know about binoculars and what to see with them – Excellent site by Steve Tonkin

UK wide site for trading gear

Ireland-wide Organisations

Amateur Astronomers’ Websites

Irish Astronomy Clubs, Societies, Associations etc

UK Sites

Software Resources

  • Deep Sky Stacker

    Free Stacking and Processing package for Deep Sky Objects taken with a DSLR

  • Registax

    Free Stacking and Processing package for Lunar and Planetary images taken with a webcam

  • Sharpcap

    Free capture utility for webcam imaging.

  • WX Astro Capture

    Free capture utility for webcam imaging. Windows and Linux versions – the Windows version can guide a scope too!

  • Stellarium

A Fully featured Planetarium on your Windows or Linux desktop – Free!

  • Cartes du Ciel

    Free star-mapping and telescope control

  • Virtual Moon Atlas

    For anyone who wants to find their way around our natural satellite, this is the tool for the job

Astronomy in Northern Ireland and Beyond