Dr Chiaki Kobayashi

Lecture 28th November – Dr Chiaki Kobayashi

Our lecture on 28th November will be brought to us by Chiaki Kobayashi. The lecture, entitled "The origin of elements and evolution of galaxies" is described here by Dr Kobayashi in her own words…..

From the observed initial conditions, a snapshot of the Universe at about 300, 000 years after the Big Bang, I am simulating the formation and evolution of galaxies over 13 billion years using a super computer. In the galaxies, stars are born and die, explode as supernovae, and eject heavy elements such as carbon and oxygen, from which human beings are born. Comparing with observations of nearby and distant galaxies, I will summarize what we know about the origin of elements.

Dr Kobayashi was born in Tokyo, Japan, and studied for her undergraduate and PhD at the University of Tokyo. She also worked in Munich, Germany; Canberra, Australia, and is now a Senior Lecturer at University of Hertfordshire. 

All are welcome to this lecture – starting 7:30pm sharp in the Bell Lecture Theatre, Queens University, Belfast


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