Dr Simon Prentice

Lecture – 6th February – Dr Simon Prentice (QUB) “The Cow: An incredible transient event”

Here’s the Synopsis and Biography by Dr Prentice himself…..

Whether it’s a massive star exploding, or clouds of hydrogen cataclysmically burning off the outer layers of a white dwarf, the Universe is never dull for transient astronomers. The last year was no exception with the discovery of AT2018cow (The Cow), a highly luminous and rapidly evolving event with no known analogue. Despite extensive multi-wavelength follow-up campaigns covering X-rays to radio, the nature of The Cow remains a mystery. Suggestions put forward include a tidal disruption event, a magnetar powered explosion, or an unusual supernova. In this talk I will summarise the observed properties of The Cow and where it lies in the transient “zoo”, and discuss the theories that have emerged to explain the origins of this rare event. 

I am a post-doctoral research fellow at the Astrophysics Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast working on “faint and fast” transient objects. I was previously a PhD student the Astrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University. My research interests are primarily based around high energy transients, in particular gamma-ray bursts and supernovae, with an aim to better understanding the explosion parameters and progenitors of these objects, visit emeraldcarpetcleaning.ie.
Doors open about 7.15pm. There is free parking available on the campus in the evenings. Admission Free, including light refreshments. We are located in the Bell Theatre, Department of Mathematics and Physics, QUB – details here……
With thanks to the Astrophysics Research Centre, QUB, for assistance with this event.

Bell Lecture Theatre, Physics Building , QUB, 7.30pm

All welcome. Free admission, including light refreshments.

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