Brian Beesley

IAA Double Public Lecture, Wednesday December 18th, 7.30 p.m.

1.) “The Cosmic Compass” by IAA President, Brian Beesley.

Summary: Part 1 is a (non technical) description of how astronomy has been used to find where you are and what direction you’re moving in from ancient times up to the Apollo missions. Part 2 is a description of the basics of satellite navigation together with how this technology developed from WWII radio navigation and blind bombing aids with

(2) “Deep Sky Astrophotography with a Small Telescope.” by IAA C/M Adam Jeffers

Summary: This talk will outline the equipment, stages and software involved in capturing and processing an image of a deep sky object from your back garden.

Doors open about 7.15pm. There is free parking available on the campus in the evenings. Admission Free, including light refreshments. We are located in the Bell Theatre, Department of Mathematics and Physics, QUB – Details here….. With thanks to the Astrophysics Research Centre, QUB, for assistance with this event. 

Bell Lecture Theatre, Physics Building , QUB, 7.30pm

All welcome. Free admission, including light refreshments.

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