IAA ZOOM LECTURE – WEDS 16th DEC 19:30 – Dr Gavin Ramsay – “Gravitational Wave Optical Transient Observer”

The direct detection of gravitational waves from merging black holes and neutron stars using the Ligoand Virgo detectors is one of humankind’s greatest triumphs. However, the exact position in the skyof these bursts is not well constrained, often to within hundreds or more square degrees.

For merging neutrons stars, it was predicted that an electromagnetic counterpart would be visible. If this could be identified then so would the location of the merging event. The Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer (GOTO) is a project whose goal is to detect these optical counterparts of gravitational wave events. One prototype has been running on the island of La Palma for more than 2 years, but next year will see a second array on La Palma, with two more nodes in Siding Spring being planned. 

Gavin did his PhD at UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory using data from the Rosat X-ray satellite to study magnetic accreting binaries. After several years at the University of Utrecht, he returned to MSSL, and came to Armagh in 2007.

He still studies accreting binaries, but has led several wide field photometric surveys and also uses Kepler and TESS data to study the activity levels of Solar type and low mass stars. Visit adult games.tv. He leads Armaghs contribution to the GOTO project.

Paul Evans is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: IAA – Dr Gavin Ramsay
Time: Dec 16, 2020 07:15 PM London

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