Prof Alan Fitzsimmons

IAA Zoom Lecture – Weds 28th April 19:30 – Prof Alan Fitzsimmons

“Meteorites – Revealing the history and evolution of our Solar system.”


The recent fall of the Winchcombe meteorite reminded everyone that meteors and meteorites are exciting to see. Studies of meteorites have revealed the history of our Solar system, while telescopic studies have helped understand their sources.

Combined, they have shown us evolutionary processes currently happening to asteroids. In this talk I will describe the main types of meteorite, and how they allow us to date the origin of our Solar system.

I will show how telescopic studies have revealed their origins, and how scientists have uncovered processes affecting them today. I will conclude with a brief discussion of the current golden age of asteroid exploration – the source of most meteorites – and mysteries still to be solved.

 Alan Fitzsimmons is a Professor in the Astrophysics Research Centre in QUB, and a renowned expert on all the small solar system bodies: comets, asteroids, dwarf planets, moons, EKBOs etc. He has given us so many excellent lectures that I’ve lost count, and this one promises to be just the same.

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Topic: Prof Alan Fitzsimmons
Time: Apr 28, 2021 07:15 PM London

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