Prof Alan Fitzsimmons

IAA Lecture 3rd April 2013 – Prof Alan Fitzsimmons – “Data Mining The Asteroid Belt”

The Pan-STARRS1 telescope is the largest telescope currently used to systematically survey the sky for comets and asteroids. Since starting in 2010, it has been used to make over 4 million detections of comets, asteroid and other Solar system bodies. This cornucopia of data is allowing us to study many different regions from Near-Earth space to the Kuiper Belt. In this talk Professor Alan Fitzsimmons will describe how Pan-STARRS1 works, how asteroids and comets are found, and what we have discovered so far.

Admission is free, including light refreshments, and all are welcome.

This lecture will as usual be in the Bell Lecture Theatre, Physics building, main QUB Campus, start time is 7:30pm sharp.

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