Rocket launching at Lough Neagh Saturday25th February

Note you can bring your own bottles and make a Rocket at this event on Saturday PM from 15:30 onwards. Also see the Sky in our Stardome and hopefull see the Moon, Stars and Planets in the real sky if the weather plays ball!

   “Bring your own 2-litre fizzy drinks plastic bottle to make into an amazing rocket, and we’ll have some of our own if you can’t. NB – they must be for carbonated, ie fizzy drinks, to withstand the pressure of the compressed air!

   You can also make your own rocket in advance and bring it along: it must be a ‘fizzy drinks’ bottle as above. The following link gives an idea of what it should look like. Ignore any other websites or videos that mention a cork – we’ll use a different system. All you need to do is fit 3 or 4 stabilising cardboard ‘fins’ at the NECK end of the bottle, and a streamlining nose cone over the BASE of the bottle – it will be launched upside down! It also helps if you fit a small weight (about 50 – 100gm) securely to the centre of the outside of the base of the bottle, before fitting the nose cone

Water Rockets ( Ignore the ‘plume’, and everything below that – we supply the launch equipment.”

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