Carnfunnock Solar Day

15th June Carnfunnock – IAA Solar Day/Midsummer BBQ

On Saturday 15th June the IAA will be returning to Carnfunnock Country Park after successful visits in the past.This venue offers tremendous scenery looking out towards Scotland across the North Channel and boasts a maze in the shape of Northern Ireland and also the biggest collection of sundials in Ireland.

We will be there between 2pm and 5pm with the annual IAA Midsummer BBQ/Picnic afterwards. Astronomical exhibitions/paraphernalia will be on display and also the Mobile Planetarium with shows for the young and old. Solar observing through filtered white light and Hydrogen Alpha telescopes will take place outside, weather permitting of course!. The former are best at showing sunspots while the latter scopes show prominences and filaments on the Sun, and with the Solar maximum well into its stride, there should be plenty of both on offer for everyone!

Afterwards the IAA will be holding their annual midsummer BBQ on the grounds, again weather permitting.



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